Quinte Botanical Gardens

Although it is a community project, The Quinte Botanical Gardens are privately owned. The gardens will act as a gateway to our region, inviting more visitors to explore all the great places and things to do here. We hope to positively impact our local economy, help organizations, support businesses, and generally increase the attractivess of the Bay of Quinte region.

A project as large as botanical gardens takes years of planning, making contacts, sourcing, organizing large-scale logistics, employing more people...all in the hopes of creating something extraordinary.

The gardens are here for eveyone to enjoy, and creating gardens of such magnitude requires (you guessed it!) lots of plants.

To give you an idea of volume, 300 cubic yards of topsoil is needed, 79,000 plants, 15 structures, 33 benches and numerous garden elements.

Your donation towards helping us achieve this project is sincerely appreciated, and every dollar goes toward purchasing trees, shrubs and perennials.

Thank you for believing that the gardens are here to help people, plants and our planet - you are the true heroes of our region.